IntrinsicCare offers comprehensive care, tailored to your needs.

Traditional chiropractic is excellent when you’re looking for a reduction in muscle tension, increase range of motion, and quick relief of pain. At Intrinsic Care, we have a different approach.

Dr. Matthew Mancuso at Intrinsic Care Chiropractic focuses on going beyond what’s commonly expected by discovering the source of your secondary conditions and symptoms, correcting the underlying dysfunction, and upgrading your brain and spinal function to better handle future challenges. This is a NeuroStructural Optimization approach to Chiropractic.

Our NeuroStructural approach uses EEG brain function assessment, autonomic stress-response assessment, and Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) to discover the root of your concerns and optimize your care for the best results. With this comprehensive NeuroStructural examination, we can discover many important pieces of information to resolve your unique health challenges and grow to your next level. This way problems don’t persist or get worse, and optimal health can be a reality.

Through the process of our NeuroStructural examination, we are able to assess your pattern of NeuroStructural function and, if dysfunction is present, create a plan to correct it comprehensively based on your specific spine and brain. This exam also shows us what stressors have the biggest impact our your body and brain, allowing us to tailor your home care to turn the tide as quickly as possible.

What is NeuroStructural Dysfunction? Abnormal function of brain activity, autonomic stress response, or spinal function. It’s easy to understand that dysfunction of either the body structure or the brain function negatively impacts both, which is why – for the best results – they must be addressed together. We refer to them together as “NeuroStructure”.

Your brain and autonomic nervous system are the electrical wiring of your body, your spine is like the fusebox, and all of your organs, muscles, and connective tissue rely upon both to function correctly… as do your thoughts, feelings, and ability to engage with the world. Therefore, it is easy to understand the critical nature of undergoing a thorough NeuroStructural Examination to determine the presence (or lack thereof) of a NeuroStructural Dysfunction.

Intrinsic Care Chiropractic offers a complimentary consultation with the doctor to determine if our office is the right fit for your needs. Call 614-396-6945 to schedule your free consultation!

Step One – Consultation

Schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if and how we can help you. These are opportunities to get to know us, not a commitment for an exam or care.

Step Two – Examination

Schedule a comprehensive NeuroStructural Examination to assess your situation and determine whether and to what extent NeuroStructural Dysfunction is contributing to your secondary conditions.

Step Three – Correction

If NeuroStructural Dysfunction is present, an individualized comprehensive plan is created for the level of NeuroStructural Optimization needed, along with complementary recommendations tailored to you.