IntrinsicCare naturally enables you to live your best life.

Our NeuroStructural Correction approach goes beyond what’s commonly expected, using EEG brain function assessment, autonomic stress-response assessment, and network spinal analysis (NSA) to discover the root of your concerns and optimize your care. With this comprehensive assessment, many important pieces of information to resolve your condition and grow to your next level can be discovered so that problems don’t persist or get worse. When we know the root of what’s happening, you can transform your health and your life for real well-being.

From adults, to children and infants, and even the family cat or dog, we’re able to naturally and safely help you achieve sustainability in your healing process.

Our Approach

IntrinsicCare addresses the root of your challenges

NeuroStructural Dysfunction (NSD – abnormal function of the brain, autonomic nervous system, or spine) is a Primary Condition that may be behind many secondary conditions and symptoms. As the name implies, “Secondary Conditions” are the result of an underlying Primary Condition. Unless the Primary Condition is addressed, secondary conditions will not resolve, or just shift from one secondary condition to another. These are some Secondary Conditions that commonly associate with NSD.

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What Our Patients Say

  • Heidi H. Avatar
    Heidi H.

    This chiropractic care has helped me to transform my relationship with my body and to pain. I recommend it to everyone. I have been in care for over 2 years and it is a priority for the health of my health has never been better!

    Devin E. Avatar
    Devin E.

    Intrinsic Care Chiropractic is a wonderful family passionately supporting their community. I have seen amazing transition in myself and immediate family. I feel richer to know these amazing people and to experience the work.

    J. K. Avatar
    J. K.

    This is more than just a chiropractic care it is overall individual and family wellness care. The staff and doctor are amazing and give you a warm welcoming in a calm and soothing environment. The free literature I learned in a informational session about mental health will last me a lifetime. I cant wait to start my family and I on the wellness journey. You owe it to yourself to check out Intrinsic Care Chiropractic 👌

  • April V. Avatar
    April V.

    Intristic chiropractor is amazing. I had accepted all the pain I was in, never to improve. I went to doctors and all they recommended was pain medication. Once I started at intristic I was amazed. After suffering for 20 years, taking all kinds of medication that did not help. All the meds did was make me miserable. At intristic my pain went away, places I did not even mention to dr Mathew stopped causing pain. Needless to say I LOVE intristic and recommend it to everyone.

    Gwen D. Avatar
    Gwen D.

    Dr. Matthew and the care team have exponentially supported my healing and growth, thank you so much Intrinisic Care!!!

    Lynda M. Avatar
    Lynda M.

    Intrinsic Care is a wonderful group committed to supporting those of us on our path to wellness.

  • Willlow G. Avatar
    Willlow G.

    I have been to many chiropractors, even worked as the rehab manager for one, owned a gym and studied the body extensively. The journey led me towards energy work and thought patterns.
    It’s been an long journey to understanding health and what that really means.

    My current understanding is health is overall well-being, seeing each person as unique and individual as they are and serving that person, not a symptom.

    This is what the team at IC does. They do actual testing to get a baseline, then create custom care for each individual to assist each unique soul in being the best version of themself. The shifts are incredible and they start as soon as you’re willing to allow them to.

    Loving staff, loving energy and excellent care.

    Melissa P. Avatar
    Melissa P.

    Dr. Matthew and staff care deeply about their patients. I cannot recommend them enough. This is the place to go if you want to heal! It is more than just "fixing" back pain. They helped me heal my chronic and debilitating GI disease. The work he does on the nervous system is truly amazing!

    Kevin O. Avatar
    Kevin O.

    Plagued with chronic back and shoulder pain, care from doctor Matthew allowed me to wake up free of pain and enjoy the finer things in life, the value in that alone I cannot express enough. Intrinsic Care is about bringinh you and your life into wellness and health. Treating the root of the problems instead of the symptoms. If for nothing else care is a wonderful way I improve my effectiveness and productivity in my life as well as an athlete.

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