IntrinsicCare naturally enables you to live your best life.

Our NeuroStructural Correction approach goes beyond what’s commonly expected, using EEG brain function assessment, autonomic stress-response assessment, and network spinal analysis (NSA) to discover the root of your concerns and optimize your care. With this comprehensive assessment, many important pieces of information to resolve your condition and grow to your next level can be discovered so that problems don’t persist or get worse. When we know the root of what’s happening, you can transform your health and your life for real well-being.

From adults, to children and infants, and even the family cat or dog, we’re able to naturally and safely help you achieve sustainability in your healing process.

Our Approach

IntrinsicCare addresses the root of your challenges

NeuroStructural Dysfunction (NSD – abnormal function of the brain, autonomic nervous system, or spine) is a Primary Condition that may be behind many secondary conditions and symptoms. As the name implies, “Secondary Conditions” are the result of an underlying Primary Condition. Unless the Primary Condition is addressed, secondary conditions will not resolve, or just shift from one secondary condition to another. These are some Secondary Conditions that commonly associate with NSD.

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What Our Patients Say

I LOVE the care I receive in this office from the doctor to the receptionist! It feels like family. My back, how I deal with stress, and overall well-being have all improved since I began care. My only wish is I could attend all the extra classes that are offered.

Lori O.

It’s LIFE Awakening....such beautiful care from a beautiful loving Staff and Dr. Matthew. Please experience this chiropractic care.. it will be the first step to a new you’ll never regret. I’m thankful to be under their care for over 2 yrs!

Donna N.

Network chiropractic care is a phenomenal healing modality, and Matthew is quickly becoming one of the top practitioners in his field! I highly recommend working with him for the benefit of not only your spinal health, but the overall health and quality of life that comes from working through the layers of your thoughts and emotions, as well as the physical body. Network brings it all to the surface to be dealt with, so that one can experience more than a superficial curing of symptoms. It has the potential to take you to the root of imbalances and provide you with a clear foundation to work from in your day to day life.

Phil S.

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