“I took medications for stress and anxiety for 25 years. I was looking for a better solution. Pharmaceutical drugs and standard chiropractic were treating my symptoms but weren’t providing any type of healing. I was looking to get more to the root cause.”

What was your life like before you started care?

“Before I started at Intrinsic Care I had 30-plus years of anxiety culminating in severe neck pain and headaches. I was frustrated and disappointed with my results from medications, therapies and traditional chiropractic. I have had major improvements in my ability to self-heal, cope with anxiety and listen and learn from my pain. I also have a much broader understanding of the interactions between my emotional and mental state and my physical symptoms.”

How would you describe care at Intrinsic Care Chiropractic?

“Everyone in the office genuinely cares about your healing. The patience and thoroughness of care is outstanding. I am so appreciative of the way the office staff has supported my progress. I really feel like I am addressing the root causes of my challenges versus the superficially treating the symptoms.”