• Time to Fix Your Posture
    Time to Correct Your Posture – Why it’s So Hard to Stand Up Straight

    Why is it so hard to sit up straight?   Nearly everyone I have met says they want to improve their posture (even the yoga teachers and chiropractors). In a world full of ergonomics, exercises, gym balls, special shoes, stretches, and more, why is it still so hard to stand up straight?   Our spinal …Read More

  • Are My Symptoms Normal in Network Chiropractic?
    Are My Symptoms Normal in Network Chiropractic?

    Embracing “Abnormal” Symptoms with NSA Chiropractic   After a Network Chiropractic (NSA) adjustment, or when using Somatic Respiratory Integration (SRI) exercises at home, you may experience something “abnormal”. This could be a surge of energy, unfamiliar sensations or emotions, pain moving to a different area or returning in a different way, forgotten memories surfacing, a …Read More