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    Why Be Grateful?

    Why Be Grateful?   In this season of Thanksgiving, what’s the point of being thankful? I mean, seriously – why do we have a whole day devoted to giving thanks? There’s psychological evidence that gratitude is unique among emotions in how it promotes well-being – which according to the World Health Organization is essential for …Read More

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    If You’re Happy and You Know it, Thank Your Friends

    None of us are truly happy in isolation. Our personal emotions and health are directly related to our social circles and social interactions. This is an essential thing to consider in our health, given that at Intrinsic Care, we work with a lot of people who really want changes, but may be involved in environments …Read More

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    Pain As My Teacher: (aka “sometimes even chiropractors sing the blues”)

    They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. With that said, they don’t always say who the teacher or “guru” will be. A few weeks ago I was ready for a very powerful teacher to show up in my life—pain.   As a chiropractor in Columbus, I recognize that taking care of …Read More