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    5 Tools to Free Your Emotions

    We’ve discussed what emotions are really all about, and the positive powers of negative emotions. Now it’s time to set the stored emotional charge free! Why? So we can use them as tools!   So how do we do this?   I like to think of our Universe as an elegant and helpful system. When …Read More

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    The Positive Power of Negative Emotions

    …and how they link to your spine.   Negative emotions (anger, rage, shame, sorrow, etc.), uncomfortable though they can seem, can be powerful tools to end disease. Emotion-affecting molecules called neuropeptides enable the immune system to launch a well-coordinated attack on “non-self” cells—in other words, bacteria, virus, parasite, and cancer cells. This is backed up by …Read More

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    The Five Gifts of the Spine: EMOTION

    It is said by Donny Epstein, the developer of Network Spinal Analysis, that there are five gifts available through your spine. As the spine and nervous system becomes free from NeuroSpinal Dysfunction (or vertebral subluxation) and develops new wellness promoting strategies through Network Chiropractic Care, these gifts become more available to us. They are: Function, …Read More