IntrinsicCare provides three levels of care.

The brain and nervous system control and coordinate your health, mental state, energy level, and ability to adapt to change. 90% of brain stimulation comes from the spine. Abnormal function of the brain, nervous system, or spine (NeuroStructural Dysfunction, or NSD) thus may be behind many different Secondary Conditions and symptoms.

As the name implies, “Secondary Conditions” are the result of an underlying Primary Condition. Unless the Primary Condition is addressed, Secondary Conditions will not resolve, or will just shift from one different Secondary Condition to another. Rather than chase Secondary Conditions, our approach addresses the Primary process behind the problems by assessing, correcting, and optimizing the integrated function of the brain, nervous system, and spine.


Level One – Discover Care

Discover Care focuses on shifting the nerve system and spine – the NeuroStructure – from dysfunction to proper function. Level 1 is a process of Discovery, as the body and mind share information that had been blocked before. This is the foundation of all NeuroStructural Care.


Level Two – Transform Care

Transform Care, takes healing to a deeper level by focusing on resolving the deep roots to the dysfunctional neurostructural patterns that distort our health and well-being. Level 2 is a process of Transformation that, like a computer operating system, upgrades the nerve system and spinal function to correct dysfunction, optimize function, and resolve what’s been really going on.


Level Three – Advanced Care

Advanced Care proactively develops healthy NeuroStructural responses to challenges that previously created dysfunctional brain and body responses. Built on a foundation of healthy and optimized NeuroStructure, Level 3 develops your best so you can stay healthy in a stressful world.