Sometimes the body wants to move when the mind needs rest.

If your legs cramp, tremor, jump or hurt when the rest of your body wants – and needs – to relax, there may be a dysfunction of the sensory-motor system. This treatable condition is called Restless Leg Syndrome.

It’s designed to organize our posture, clear away the stress, and “file away” what happened during our day, but if it is overloaded due to a NeuroStructural Dysfunction, it can increase muscle activity and overactivate the “fight-flight” response, making comfort and stillness next to impossible.

The common solutions for restless leg syndrome are various kinds of prescription medications, including anti-depressants. If the restless legs are secondary to NeuroStructural Dysfunction, it may be challenging to find a medication that’s satisfactory, or the treatment will have diminishing returns – it will be initially helpful, but over time will be less effective as the nervous system continues to accumulate stress it cannot “file away” effectively.

If you’re seeking treatment for restless leg syndrome, our approach is to assess for and, if present, correct the underlying NeuroStructural Dysfunction behind the restless legs, along with the related Secondary Conditions. Our approach also uniquely helps the nervous system better adapt to future stressors, decreasing the need to develop future physical agitation and restless legs. When we get to the root of things, you can resolve the challenges and live an amazing life.

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