Anxiety: Not All “In Your Head”

90% of the stimulation of the brain comes from the spine. If abnormal structure of the spine is activating the autonomic stress response, a form of NeuroStructural Dysfunction, it may “hardwire” the nervous system to fight/flight or “alert” functions that prevent relaxation and contribute to anxiety conditions or symptoms.

When this happens, we may experience anxiety symptoms such as heart palpitations, racing thoughts, chest pain, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping and emotional volatility.

Common solutions for anxiety include medications, stress management therapies, yoga and meditation. These can be effective short-term strategies, but if the body is irritating the brain, progress will be slow, resolution will be rare, and relapse will be common.

If you’re seeking anxiety treatment, our approach is to assess for and, if present, correct the underlying NeuroStructural Dysfunction contributing to the anxiety and other Secondary Conditions. Our approach also uniquely helps the nervous system better adapt to future stress, decreasing the need to develop anxiety in the future. When we get to the root of things, you can resolve the challenges and live an amazing life.

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