Stop feeling like you’re allergic to life.

When we are neurologically overloaded beyond our capacity to adapt, our nervous system can become vigilant and hardwire the “fight/flight” response to perceived threats in our environment through our limbic system (the emotional center of the brain.) In case of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) or idiopathic environmental intolerances or allergies, this “threat” response is activated by fumes, smoke, perfume, or chemicals in the environment.

If the limbic system is affected by a NeuroStructural Dysfunction, this can also show up as Secondary Conditions such feeling tired, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, muscle pain, depression, vertigo, and chronic fatigue.

The common solution for multiple chemical sensitivities and allergy relief is to limit your world to avoid exposure. If the chemical sensitivity is due to a NeuroStructural Dysfunction, resolving the NeuroStructural process behind the problem can support better tolerating exposure, better recovery afterwards, and opening up your world again.

If you’re seeking chemical sensitivities treatment, our approach is to assess for and, if present, correct the underlying neuro-structural dysfunction behind the chemical sensitivity or allergies, along with the related Secondary Conditions. Our approach also uniquely helps the nervous system better adapt to future stressors, decreasing the need to develop future sensitivities. When we get to the root of things, you can resolve the challenges and live an amazing life.

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