Where can I park?

There is ample parking in front of the building, so the parking is very convenient. We are on the left side of the building in Suite B (which neighbors Bruegger’s Bagels). If for whatever reason the lot is full, there is plenty of free street parking! Our office is also easily accessible by COTA Line 2.

What conditions and symptoms do you help with?

Our office focuses on NeuroStructural Correction, a Primary Condition which is behind or contributes to many different kinds of Secondary Conditions. If your symptoms are secondary to neurostructural dysfunction, it is very common for them to resolve or improve as we correct the underlying problem. Common Secondary Conditions include chronic pain, difficulty focusing, stress overwhelm, low energy, and anxiety. Some people may not yet be experiencing Secondary Conditions, but seek our care to support them in performing better than they are. Click here to learn about some more related Secondary Conditions, our approach, and how we can help.

I’ve been to another Network Chiropractic office before. Why do I need a consultation and exam in yours?

We hold a high standard for our patient’s outcomes – our reputation is based on outstanding results. We get those results by going a step farther to objectively measure the function of your brain and nervous system, not just your spine. We tailor our care to your unique level of health.

This is why each patient in our office starts care with a comprehensive examination, a comprehensive plan tailored to getting results for you, and has regular re-examinations so we can ensure you’re getting the best results and make necessary changes as your nervous system changes. We think you’ll appreciate the difference.

How do I know your office can help me?

The only way to know for sure is to come in for a complimentary 20 minute consultation with Dr. Matthew. It’s a conversation, not a commitment. He’ll review your situation along with your comprehensive history and let you know if it makes sense to continue with a neurostructural examination. If the results do not reveal NeuroStructural Dysfunction, we will refer you to the people who can help. If the results of the exam reveal NSD, we will put together a comprehensive plan to provide the help you need. You can make an appointment by calling Carrie at (614) 396-6945.