Community Wellness Dinner

December 13, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm America/New York Timezone
La Chatelaine
627 High St
Worthington, OH 43085
Intrinsic Care Chiropractic

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What if… You are meant for more?

What if… You are meant to become more… To experience more… To grow more… To love more… To contribute more… To create more… To impact more…

What if your life, right now, is impacting a larger circle of life that you weren’t even aware of?

What if by becoming more… (energized, passionate, vibrant, alive, creative, expansive, inspired, strong, healthy, woke, soulful, radiant, expressive, coherent, etc.)… you’d automatically, effortlessly, and profoundly impact that larger circle of life?

What if your coherent, energized presence is all it took to impact the world around you?

What if you were born at a time where humanity was experiencing the greatest shift in consciousness?

What if you were born purposefully because you’re meant to be part of this shift and a leader for the abundant, amazing future of humanity?

Is this resonating with you? Do you feel a sense… A knowing… Like this may be speaking to your soul? (If so, we hope you’re reading this as Morgan Freeman’s voice.) We hope that made you chuckle, or at least smile.

Ok, let’s get real. Humanity IS at a point for the greatest shift of consciousness. And we believe YOU are part of this shift. Because in reality, we all are and MUST BE. And in order to truly BE with this shift, we MUST upgrade the OPERATING SYSTEM that RUNS OUR LIVES.

That operating system is the nervous system. And signs of an “outdated” nervous system can, in some ways, have similarities like the signs of an “outdated” version of your smartphone or computer:

  • It’s harder to process things quickly and efficiently (i.e. lag time).
  • Things keep getting stuck.
  • More stress.
  • Things within the system (health, relationships, overall life) aren’t working effectively, seem to be constantly breaking down, or “just getting by”.
  • Even more stress.
  • Another day, another problem.
  • And so much LESS quality stuff!

Does any of that look familiar? We want to help you make it look completely unfamiliar by helping you experience the other option…

The other option is the “upgraded” nervous system. Do you remember that time when your smartphone or computer wasn’t set for automatic software updates and you had to manually update it…and you were wondering why everything was crashing every so often…but you finally clicked the button to restart and run the software update…and then after like 30 minutes everything was amazing?

In a similar way, signs of an “upgraded” operating system are like signs of the upgraded operating system for our lives, which are:

  • Fully connected.
  • Fully authentic.
  • Fully energized.
  • Another day, another opportunity/gift/blessing.
  • Pure awesome.
  • And so much MORE!

The purpose of the operating system is to run all the processes for the system. That’s the purpose of your nervous system. It runs your life. And if it isn’t optimized… Your life experience won’t be optimized. When it is optimized… Everything is optimized, AND, Everything you do that’s beneficial in life gets optimized as well. If you play sports, workout, eat healthily, meditate, yoga, pilates, hike, drink green juices, etc. All of that gets optimized BECAUSE the operating system is optimized.

How? We’ll share that all with you at our community wellness dinner and workshop, which you’re invited as our guest. In fact… You and up to 4 friends are invited to our community dinner and workshop hosted by our epic doctor, Dr. Matthew Mancuso, from Intrinsic Care Chiropractic.

Why? Because we believe there’s something special about you…

We believe that you’re part of this shift that’s happening in the world…

We’d be honored to support you…

We’re passionate about this evolutionary shift that’s changing the world…

And we are passionate about creating a community here where we all are actively thriving examples of what’s possible for humanity.

Because of that, we are willing to make the investment in our relationship by inviting you and up to 4 friends/family members (must be 21+) to join us for a dinner where we’ll all share the juicy, scientifically-driven information that brings context to everything you just read.

We have a total of 50 seats and they fill up fast, so make sure to RSVP and have your friends/family who will join you to RSVP as well. We look forward to meeting you and your family/friends!


Cheers to the abundantly amazing future,

Dr. Matthew Mancuso And the Intrinsic Care Team


P.S. There may be “no such thing as a free lunch”…but this is a free dinner invitation that just spoke to you in imaginary Morgan Freeman’s voice.