“I was told by my previous chiropractor that I would have chronic lower back pain and I would need to see him several times a week for the rest of my life.”

What was your health and/or life like when you came in?

I was in poor health – I had chronic lower back pain, intermittent migraine issues and I was overweight. I was also in a state of extreme fear around getting cancer because my three sisters and my mom had been diagnosed with cancer within 8 years of each other. I was also in a state of constant stress and it felt like I was going from one fire to the next and no matter where I looked, there was no relief. Looking back, I knew I was not well but I didn’t acknowledge or see how bad off it really was. Now that I do see where I was at, I can never imagine going back.

Were you skeptical/hesitant about anything?

I was told by my previous chiropractor that I would have chronic lower back pain and I would need to see him several times a week for the rest of my life. I had also been told that there was nothing I could do to heal my pain, just “manage” it. Because of that, I was skeptical about healing and how I would learn how to help myself to process and heal. However, there was a low point that I hit that I just knew there was something better out there that could give my body the ability to heal itself. In the three years since becoming a practice member, I have become a real partner in my own healing. Now, I can happily say that my back feels 110% better and I am living a very full, healthy life. I was able to take the tools that I learned with Dr. Matt and apply them so that I can get relief even in very stressful times.

What has changed since starting care?

I would more say: “What hasn’t changed since starting care?” because literally everything has changed.

The first thing that changed though was my relationship to my physical body. This work immediately made me acutely aware of my physical being and where sources of pain and energy resided. In time, I learned to listen to my body and what it needed. I started loving myself and giving myself compassion when I needed it. This was a paradigm shift for me because I lived life in my head for so many years. Through this work, I started listening to my body, heart and soul.

My relationship with my husband is so much more colorful and deep then it ever has been. Although we still both are working through things (as we all do), we give each other more compassion through the process and more room to grow individually and together.

My relationship with my boys are even better than I could have imagined. I feel privileged to be their mom and I find that I cherish even the small things more in life with them. Because of this work, I can also acknowledge and embrace who they are and who they are meant to be in this world while still guiding them when needed.

My relationship with my mom and dad that was historically very difficult has turned around and I have the closest relationship I have ever had with them. Also, I was happy to support them and my sister in the last year of her life. Without this work, I know that I would not have had the energy for this support.

Finally, I find myself engaging life much more than I ever would have. I trust myself and my intuition now more than ever. My connections with friends are now much deeper and meaningful. I feel more connected as well to everyone and everything around me.

What would you say to people considering care at Intrinsic Care Chiropractic?

I would say three things:

  • Every journey starts with the first step! If you are longing for a change and to gain more independence in your own healthcare, please take the chance that this may be the right thing for you.
  • What are you waiting for? It does take a time and financial commitment to be sure, but this commitment has proven itself to be the most fruitful of my life. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been and I can’t even recognize the person I was. I am so grateful to everyone at Intrinsic Care.
  • What do you have to lose? I found that looking back, I am grateful to my own instincts that led me to get pursue a different type of care for myself because I now know I had literally everything to gain. I would say to you: why not take that chance?

Changes that others have seen:

About ten years ago, I worked with a man who I recently saw at a conference. He could not believe that I looked better and younger than I did ten years ago. He asked what I was doing and just kept looking at me, not understanding what he was seeing. This happens now to me more often than not from people that used to know me.

My mom and dad have also seen a distinct difference in both myself and my husband over the last three years. They have also commented on how different that my children are than their other grandkids. They have said that they seem to be more connected and more confident in who they are. They have even reached out to me to get into helping them find a practitioner down in Florida for them. I am so happy to report that it helped my mom move on from the loss of one of my sisters and two of her siblings. She was so depressed for a year that she wasn’t leaving her house. Literally, after even the first session, she called me and said that she now understood and knew my secret. She immediately altered her path and she is literally out and social in a way she hasn’t been in years since the practitioner in Florida changed her life.